Before and After: Workout Considerations

Fabio Comana MA, MS, NASM-CPT recently authored an article for NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). “What you do before and after (workouts) could be just as important as the actual training itself. Discover where to focus pre-exercise efforts and what to consider for post-exercise recovery.”

Agreed! It all works together. Don’t we all want to get the best “bang for our buck” when it comes to exercise? Of course.

Here are some current recommendations based on updated research from NASM and other highly respected sources.

– Begin with a warm up that consists of moderate paced motion and dynamic stretching. A good example would be: brisk walking on a treadmill or brisk pace on an eliptical for 3-5 minutes then 1-2 minutes of slow moving-easy stretches (not held) such as high knees, side reaches, ankle circles & standing hamstring curls.

– Hydrate regularly…not just before a workout. Regular daily increases (as needed based on temperature, duration, exertion) in water intake keep your internal organs moving toxins out of the body as well as helping you maintain good hydration levels. It’s also recommended that about 2 hours before exercising, take in about 16 oz. of water. This gives the body plenty of time to put it to use.

– Post-workout, in addition to hydration, consider eating a good source of protien rich food before anything else is consumed, if you want to increase your lean muscle mass.

– Reduce the theives of positive outcomes! Get processed foods down to a minimum, get needed rest and eliminate stressors, where ever possible.

Plan for success, and you’ll achieve your goals. I’m with you. Start now, you’ll be glad you did!

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