Control in Pilates is maintaining good breath flow, proper form and alignment with appropriate effort which puts us in control of the way we move. 

Control means we engage our minds so that the exercises we do are in good form in order to achieve the intended purpose! Why would we do this any other way? Don’t we want to work-smart? But, of course!

Most of us show up to a personal Pilates session or small group class with the idea to feel better when we leave, strengthen our body and keep our mind alert and very possibly several other things. So next time you do a session, stay mindful and in control so every session is the most useful to you! 

Another wonderful benefit is injury prevention. I am quite sure you have heard of people showing up to a “workout” of one kind or another and leaving injured. AHHH! As a Pilates and Fitness Pro this makes my skin crawl! Yet another reason to use the principles while you are doing movement of any kind. Control is beneficial to any fitness routine and all types of athletes will attest to this. Correct work leads to strong bodies that perform well under stress. Good for everybody! 

Over the years, Pilates practice has shown such effective outcomes among so very many people around the world; when these  principles are applied, we see it work. Pilates is unique and using our guiding principles helps us accomplish our goals effectively. We have a counter at the bottom of our Why Pilates page check out stats! Over 613% growth in people practicing Pilates in the last 5 years! Whoa, that’s impressive. The reasons are clear. Mindful exercise is the way.

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