Concentration in Pilates is intentional focus on each movement pattern which brings better results. Consider Pilates practice a moving meditation.

When it comes to attaining mind-body awareness, breathing is the physical means. So then, concentration is the cognitive means by which we become more focused.  Concentration could also be thought of as the conscious control of a movement enhancing  body awareness. Proper concentration allows you to do as many repetitions of a Pilates movement as you can while simultaneously focusing on other variables – like being in the right position, having your joints aligned and keeping tension at bay. We become intentionally multi-focused the more we practice! Think about it this way; a focused beam of light shined in a concentrated direction brings clarity where once we could not see. 

Why does any of this matter?

With a clear mind-body connection, you become more attentive on where your body is and what you are doing, in relation to what is physically going on around you. This can lead to stronger and more balanced, fluid movements and quicker reactions. 

Creating inward observance allows for more positive outward movements! Think in terms of everyday life; the awareness we need to have so we can avoid potentially hazardous outcomes or simply using quicker reactions to stay nimble and void stumbling over a small rise in the sidewalk. Let’s think more about athletic focus; recreational and professional athletes need those skills to overcome challenges in their sports of choice. What ever the many reasons are, concentration in Pilates practices serves us all very well!

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