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The Real Truth

First: the not-so-good-news Here are some sobering facts: According to the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Second: the GREAT news  We CAN do something about it!  Research shows conclusively that doing some exercise is better than none and doing the minimum recommended 5 days per week X 30 minutes per day average shows remarkable benefits! So no […]

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Why exercise at all?

Movement positively changes lives. We could elaborate on the many specifics but we know you can fill in the blanks! Healthy life patterns include purposeful movement meant to enhance everyday function. Pilates practice will lead to a stronger, more active and healthier life, whether you are just beginning and are looking to feel better or

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Control in Pilates is maintaining good breath flow, proper form and alignment with appropriate effort which puts us in control of the way we move.  Control means we engage our minds so that the exercises we do are in good form in order to achieve the intended purpose! Why would we do this any other way? Don’t we want to work-smart?

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Concentration in Pilates is intentional focus on each movement pattern which brings better results. Consider Pilates practice a moving meditation. When it comes to attaining mind-body awareness, breathing is the physical means. So then, concentration is the cognitive means by which we become more focused.  Concentration could also be thought of as the conscious control of a movement enhancing  body

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Breathing is the first act of life when we come into the world. Breath oxygenates the blood, promotes energy and connects the mind and body. In Pilates and exercise in general, to use the breath effectively, breathing patterns need to match the requirements of the task at hand. Breath flow and breath patterns really do

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