Breathing is the first act of life when we come into the world. Breath oxygenates the blood, promotes energy and connects the mind and body.

In Pilates and exercise in general, to use the breath effectively, breathing patterns need to match the requirements of the task at hand. Breath flow and breath patterns really do make a big difference in how the body will function through a given movement…let alone a full range of work in personal training or class sessions!

Moira Merrithew, Co-Founder and Director of Education of Merrithew Health and Fitness says, “Whether we’re decreasing stress and down regulating the sympathetic nervous system, or preparing the body for a more strenuous activity, manipulating the breath pattern can help us achieve our goals.”

Mind-body-breath connection really is of the utmost importance; even before we begin to move at all. In pre-pilates we teach clients how to find breath in stillness, in the body and how to recognize where we may be affected by areas of constriction. Further, we learn to send the breath to different places while keeping other places quiet. This may seem a little confusing if you have never worked this way but I assure you, it’s a wonderful process and when you you learn to utilize breath this way, you’ll never go back. 

The take away: become more mindful, align the breath with the work that needs to be done and you will find your body doing more efficient and effective movement patterns.  Endurance will increase and the use of O2 and expelling CO2 are better regulated so in general, energy conversion is also more effective. You’ll enjoy moving more and have the energy to do it!

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